Monday, September 11, 2006

Unwanted Wedding Gifts

And now for something different...
I've been married for a brief six weeks and in that time my wife and I have managed to settle into our little home, thanks in part to those who so kindly gave us a myriad of wedding gifts. But, as every one of the married people reading this knows, while many gifts we receive are great and useful, there are also those that make us scratch our heads in puzzlement.

My wife and I now have a small pile of gifts that we did not ask for and don't quite know where to return. I'll not name these gifts, as one of the givers might chance upon my blog and take offence (you DID get a thank you note even though I didn't like your gift.)

I've heard some interesting stories about what people have done with their unwanted wedding gifts. I've heard of them being re-gifted (as some of mine obviously were), or becoming part of a garden, or even being used as "perennial gifts" at Christmas parties. So what kind of things do people do with their unwanted wedding gifts? I'm curious (and I know there are stories out there).


Monk-in-Training said...

When my late wife and I were married,we were a "friendship family" to a Korean couple at attending a local University. They gave us these HIDEOUS masks intended to be wall mounted. They look ghastly and STUNK really bad. It was amazing. :)

Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

Well Matt, there are couple of things to consider:

1) Value the GIVER, not just their gift(s).

2) If there is anything that you really CANNOT USE or DO NOT can always find a homeless shelter of some type, and see if it would be of benefit to them. Give it to them.

But remember #1...always.

Matt Knight said...


Thank you for your reminder. I agree that it is always important to value people, and never to insult them or their gift. The fact is that they spent their time and money on something to give to me and I am thankful for that, even if it isn't something I want or can use.
Thanks both of you for your posts.

Mark Spence said...

I love it in blog land when people try to get overly serious or spiritual, like Dr. Phil Hoover, Chicago.

Of course Matt values the giver, that goes without saying. For the love of everything good in this world, can we as Christians have a sense of humor every once in a while? Especially when discussing something like unwanted wedding gifts (we were given NINE chip & dip bowls!!!) that every married person can relate to.

I'm not picking a fight, just flaborgasted.

Ched said...

Yea, we got 6 crockpots, and 11 spatulas when we got married last may. I'm partial to the spatulas.

Anna said...

Indeed that is a problem faced my many of us..but I'm sure that some fren in this blog world would soon come up with some unique idea to help us out!! Meanwhile, you can peep into my wedding for some thought sharing!!