Thursday, October 05, 2006

Heroes of the Faith

Recently, while having lunch with friends I began discussing some questions I use when I interview people. I am not a reporter, but have been involved in several interviews and find that asking the right questions can be the key to getting good answers. When I was in college I had the opportunity to sit down one on one with a number of pastors and professors and found that I could glean some great pearls of wisdom from these individuals simply by asking the right questions.

During the aforementioned lunch I tossed out a few questions including:

If you could address America for 30 minutes on primetime tv what would you say?

Or another was

Who are some of your heroes?

The question that we discussed for the longest time was:

If you could have lunch with any historical or theological figure (excluding Jesus) who would you choose and why?

We played with variations on this, narrowing it to exclude biblical figures, and then narrowing it to SBC figures.

Who did we pick? We would love to meet apostles like Peter and John, or maybe even Thomas (whose doubts we can sometimes identify with). We would like to talk with people like George Washington, Dwight Moody, C.S. Lewis, Augustine, Martin Luther, or Spurgeon. In Baptist circles, how about people like William Carey, or even just SBC leaders like Criswell, Truett, even Adrian Rogers and others.

Some of the great leaders of the SBC are still alive and we can learn from them. I think that opportunities such as these are important. I had the opportunity last year to sit down and ask Paige Patterson a number of questions. Maybe sometime I'll get my notes from that conversation and give the insights I learned there.

What about you? Who are some of your heroes? Who would you like to meet and talk with?


Kevin Bussey said...

Other than Jesus and Biblical Characters?

John Maxwell, Andy Stanley, Rick Warren, Bill Hybels and my dad.

Paul said...

One of my Baptist heroes was Annie Frizier. She never held a denominational position. I'm not even sure she ever held a prominent position in her local church. But she was one of the most gracious and faithful ladies I've ever had the privilege to pastor. She was just one of God's faithful saints who lived a few miles outside of Graham, Texas. I had a number of opportunities to sit down and talk with her in the little living room of her little two-bedroom house. Pearls of wisdom, my friend. Pearls of wisdom.