Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thanksgiving: Now it's just "that holiday before Christmas"

I had a conversation just the other day with some friends (see their blogshere and here) about Thanksgiving. It seems crazy that Thanksgiving Day is next week! It has been about 80 degrees here in Fort Worth the last few days!

My wife and I were out Christmas shopping (she likes to get it done early) last weekend. We went into several stores and to a local mall. Many of these places were already decorated for Christmas. Soon some men dressed as Santa will take their places at the local mall. One local station has already started playing all Christmas music, all the time. (Yikes!)

Amidst all this Christmas holiday marketeering, where has Thanksgiving gone? It seems that our culture today has forgotten to stop and be thankful for the blessings that God has given us. It seems that we have become so enthralled with what we expect to get for Christmas that we lose sight of what we already have. Sadly, too often our greed and desire for more stuff drives us. Instead of thanking God for what we have, we ignore it and lust after more!

I realize this, and I am stopping now to say "Thank you" to God. He has blessed me with far more than I deserve. This season, perhaps I will be able to focus on His blessings, and then maybe I can be a blessing to others.

Let us not overlook Thanksgiving this year, but rather stop and give thanks, remembering that all we have comes from God.


Monk-in-Training said...

So very cool that you are being intentional about Thanking God in season.

† Deo gratias
† Thanks be to God

Kevin Bussey said...

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

Matt Knight said...

Thanks for stopping by guys. I agree, Thanksgiving is a special time. Sometimes we just have to stop and be intentional about celebrating it.

Shana said...

Now I see why I had a bit of a spike in hits on my blog...they clicked the here button on your blog!! I liked this post. More people need to remember Thanksgiving instead of moving straight to Christmas.