Monday, February 05, 2007

Congrats to Tony Dungy and the Colts

Like most of America, last night I was firmly planted in front of a television set, watching the Colts and the Bears as they played Superbowl XLI. It was a good game and I had a great time watching with some friends from church.

What was most impressive to me, however, was not only what the players did during the game, but also what happened around the game. I mean the coaches and the organizations and how they conducted themselves. In this regard I was so proud hear Colts owner Jim Irsay emphasizing the importance of Christian faith in the organization and the dignity with which he and coach Tony Dungy conducted themselves. Today, watching Sportscenter I heard over and over again the praise for Coach Dungy.

I too have respected this man since hearing about the strength and importance of his Christian faith. Faith plays an important role in Dungy's life, and this has been apparent especially in the last 14 months following the death of his son. Sunday morning I found out about a website sponsored by Athletes in Action, which highlights the faith shared by Colts coach Tony Dungy and Bears coach Lovie Smith. This site is
and tells visitors that there is more to life after football, more than what we might consider "ultimate" achievments here on earth. Beyond what is "ultimate" here, there is a very real God that each of us have the opportunity to know, and each of us will one day face.

These men are great coaches. Both had the distinction of being the first African Americans to coach a team to the Superbowl, and they are role models to athletes everywhere, of every race because they are good at what they do, and they recognize that after the game is gone, their faith will still remain.

Tony Dungy is one of my heroes, and I've really cheered for Peyton Manning for a long time. Congrats to the Colts.

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